Requirements of Parents:

  1. Complete and return all forms. The registration/health questionnaire, medical and permission are all legal requirements under the preschool act. These must be returned by the first day of preschool!
  2. For special occasions, we will ask that parents volunteer as helpers. If we do not have enough help for that class, the outing will be cancelled. If you have a particular talent such as playing musical instruments, or your profession allows you to introduce the children to special happenings please contact the teachers (I.e.: firefighter, doctor, and farmer). Please remember: Teachers need time to prepare for their classes and bringing children earlier than the starting times can create problems (9:00am and 1:00pm). The teachers will begin dressing children about 10 minutes prior to regular dismissal time (11:30 am and 3:30pm). Please pick up your children on time. We welcome the chance to talk about your child, however, when you are dropping them off or picking them up it is not always the best time (phone numbers are available, so you may contact your teacher at home.) We really appreciate your co-operation with these requests.
  3. A monthly newsletter and calendar will update you on all themes and special events. Please read these, which are also posted on the bulletin board outside the preschool room door.
  4. We strongly discourage the bringing of toys from home except on specific “show and tell” days, and we cannot be responsible for lost toys.
  5. All personal items (clothing, boots, etc.) brought or worn to preschool should be labeled to avoid loss or confusion.
  6. If your child is to be picked up by anyone else, inform one of the teachers, or if your child is out sick please call the preschool to inform us (a voice mail system is available in case we are in session).
  7. There will be no refunds or make up days for days missed due to sickness, storms, etc.
  8. Should you require receipts for income tax purposes; original copies will be available from the preschool director? If replacements are required, a reprint fee of $10.00 will be charged. There will also be a $10.00 charge for any NSF cheese.

Please Be Sure:

(a) Your child comes to the preschool dressed for messy play.
(b) Your child has all recommended immunization shots (check with the dept. of Health).
(c) Call if your child will not be attending school any given day, this is required by Public Health. If your child has any of the following symptoms: fever, diarrhea, vomiting, persistent cough, breathing difficulty, rash with fever, please keep your child home. Also your child should be well enough to participate fully in the program.
(d) Your child comes with a change of clothes, and underwear, or pull up, or diaper

Parent Organization

The purpose of this organization is to benefit parent and child through participation in the preschool and to assist the teachers in providing the best equipment possible for the continued growth of the center. Your ideas and encouragement are necessary for this growth. The preschool will be helped enormously by the efforts of its parents. The parent committee meets approximately three times throughout the year.

Dads! This is not intended as a Mothers’ Organization; you too are a parent, and are very welcomed as part of this group. Your participation can be extremely valuable, and can benefit both you and your child.

Fees & Payments

A $25.00 nonrefundable registration deposit is required for each child which does not come off the yearly fee!

Payments are due the first of every month, after the 10 there is a $5.00 late fee added and after the 15 your child will not be allowed back in the program until the account is up to date.

1 Morning
2 Mornings
3 Mornings
Mixed ages
Mixed ages
School Readiness
For those starting school the following September
1 Afternoon
2 Afternoons
3 Afternoons
4 Afternoons
5 Afternoons
All Afternoon classes are mixed ages

The total registration fee is payable in ten equal monthly payments. We request post dated checks or we also take debit and visa or e-transfers. Please note that this is not a monthly fee but rather a “budget plan”. We request that you provide post-dated cheques in September so that book entries are kept simple and there is no worry about forgotten payments later. For purchasing and preparation reasons we require one month’s notice if you plan to withdraw from the program.

In lieu of a month’s notice of withdrawal, the full month’s payment is required.

While we would like to be flexible about payments, please bear in mind that we are on a very tight budget. Rent, snacks, supplies, phone, insurance, and salaries must be covered directly by preschool fees. Although we feel that children benefit from the preschool experience and would not like to see a child denied due to any financial difficulty, we shall be obliged to discontinue membership if payments are not met in a timely manner. We charge $10.00 for any NSF cheese. Subsidy is available for more information call 1-844-804-2084 or accessing information on the following website;