At Making Friends Preschool, everything has been created with your child in mind. From our learning centers to our common areas, we have created our facility with the hopes that the children we care for will build close relationships with our caring teachers and caretakers while learning in a fun environment.

Our preschool room is set up with several learning centers that include:

  • Water play
  • Sand play
  • A story loft
  • Dramatic play/house area
  • Arts and crafts center
  • Paint easel
  • Constructive play/block area
  • Quiet play activity center (puzzles, Legos, peg board, etc.)
  • Listening center
  • Gym activity area (next to playroom)
  • Work bench with tools
  • Rocking boat, sea saw, round about
  • Puppets and puppet theater
  • Music center
  • Outdoor Play Space

Located on the lower level of the Saint Andrews United Church building, Making Friends Preschool welcomes and encourages parents to come have a look at our facility, but please call 902-895-5105 to arrange a time. A two-way mirror can be found above the coat hook area for discreet observation while classes are in session.