Hours & Fees

Fee Structure

  • A $25.00 non-refundable registration deposit is required for each child!
  • The fee for a child attending the Making Friends Preschool is $34/day. If a family wishes to enroll a child for ½ day the fee will be $17.00 without lunch and the child must be picked up at 11:30 or $20.00 for ½ day and lunch included and the child must be picked up at 1:00.
  • If a family wishes to enroll a child for the afternoons; times are 11:30am lunch included $20.00 without lunch 1:00pm $17.00.
    Portable subsidies are available for more information call 1-844-804-2084 or accessing information on the following website; https://www.ednet.ns.ca/earlyyears/families/childcaresubsidy.shtml
  • Fees are payable one month in advance.
  • Bills are sent out approximately one week before the beginning of the month and payment is due in full the first day of the month.
  • Parents are required to pay for all sick, unforeseen closure (extreme weather) absent, holiday/vacation days
  • Payment options are cash and e-transfer.
  • If you are wishing to do e-transfers you can send them to mfps@ns.sympatico.ca
  • Any account that has cheques returned NSF will be charged $20.00 administration fee. This fee is due at the beginning of the next month.
  • Expenses for the program are incurred even if a child is absent for a day. If your child withdraws from the program we require a months’ notice and a months payment.
  • Children cannot continue to attend the program if all fees are not paid in full.
  • The center closes at 5:15 daily. We understand that occasionally there may be events beyond parents’ control which may cause them to be late. There is, however, a late fee of $5.00 for the first ten minutes of lateness and $1.00 for each additional minute. We are not unsympathetic to the many demands facing parents; however, our program closes at 5:15. If you have any questions about this policy please feel free to contact the Director. Chronic late pick-up may lead to a child being dismissed from the program.

Discontinuation of Services

A child may be dismissed for various reasons. This is a sensitive issue and will be dealt with on an individual basis. Parents can be assured that staff will work diligently to develop a plan to meet the needs of the child and the center. Services may also be terminated due to consistent late payment or non-payment of fees.