At Making Friends Preschool, we believe that every child is a unique individual, whose primary learning in the preschool years comes through play in a fully inclusive environment regardless of ability or disability. It is our goal to try in every way to help each child and their families reach their potential, through the excitement of discovery, all learning together, while recognizing distinctive needs. We work as a team and on occasion may consult specialists with whom they are involved; such as speech and language pathologists, and early intervention.

Parent Organization

The purpose of this organization is to benefit parent and child through participation in the preschool and to assist the teachers in providing the best equipment possible for the continued growth of the center. Your ideas and encouragement are necessary for this growth. The preschool will be helped enormously by the efforts of its parents. The parent committee meets approximately three times throughout the year.

Dads! This is not intended as a Mothers’ Organization; you too are a parent, and are very welcomed as part of this group. Your participation can be extremely valuable, and can benefit both you and your child.

Making Friends is fun to do, you’ll like me and I’ll like you!